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(Finn and Tereza) We currently go to a alternative boarding school in Hampshire England called Brockwood park School where we are building a 16ft , wooden, double-ended, clinker sailboat.   In July, we will be sailing and rowing this boat, from the North Sea to the Black Sea. We will be rowing and sailing over 3000 kms of inland waterways through thirteen different countries. We will enter the Black Sea from The Danube river and will voyage around the coast to Sochi – our final destination.  The environment we live in is changing fast. Our journey is a Degrowth challenge for Tereza to travel from England, to her home in Russia, with the smallest footprint possible. We will be documenting our adventure with an online series, social media, We are currently finishing off the boat and raising funds for the trip if you are interested in the journey then get in touch!                                      

Finn and Tereza

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Standing the mast for the first time
Putting the rails on

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