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Unfortunately, for the past few weeks our PayPal wasn’t functioning. It has been limited due to the fact that we are not of legal age just yet. BUT! The problem is fixed and you can donate to us here.

The primary reasons for doing this trip are degrowth and to raise money for WoodWork Barn so that future students of Brockwood Park School have the opportunity to do awesome projects where they can create with their hands. Sailing and rowing the boat that we were involved in making over thousands of kilometers gives us a real sense of appreciation for the skill and effort required in manufacturing.

Building a wooden boat has been an amazing opportunity and it’s only been possible because we had access to a woodwork space equipped with basic tools. We would really like new generations of students to be able to have the same opportunities and in order to achieve that we need new and better equipment for woodwork and other crafts.

Any kind of contribution is greatly appreciated!

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